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Our Ethical Policy

Gaia’s ethical policy is based on the principles of sustainability, social justice and non-violence. This is applied to all aspects of the co-operative. A sustainable business considers its impact on the environment and its relationship with its suppliers, its workers and its customers as well as remaining financially viable.

Co-operative management

Gaia is run as a workers’ co-operative. It is owned by the people who work in it. Every worker is equally valued and takes responsibility for decision making.

Local food

Our ideal is to sell food that is both locally and organically produced. Sometimes, however, it is more sustainable to use local, non-organic, food than to import something organic. We have a close relationship with our local suppliers, organic and otherwise.

Fair Trade

Where possible we buy fairly traded goods that don’t exploit farmers in the developing world. Goods with the Fair Trade mark ensure that some profits go back to the farmers to help them to improve and develop their farms and communities, rather than to large global companies who are likely to take the money out of the country that provided the produce.

Animal welfare

Gaia only stocks vegan or vegetarian products.
We only stock cosmetics, soaps and household products that have not been tested on animals.
Organic farming standards include strict animal welfare requirements.


Gaia aims to stock only products that contain chemicals that are considered to be safe for human beings and the environment. We are happy to re-evaluate the products we stock if new evidence about their contents is brought to our attention.

Other companies

Gaia aims to trade with companies that have established ethical policies. We prefer to trade with other co-operatives whenever we can.

Waste reduction

We aim to minimize our impact on the environment. We use minimal packaging, while meeting food hygiene requirements. We compost our fruit and vegetable waste.
The Action 21 Recycling Directory found that Gaia sells more recycled products than anywhere else in the area.


We deliver vegetable bags by bicycle when possible. Members of the co-op are encouraged to walk or cycle to work.

Our customers

Our customers are a vital to us, quite apart from their financial contribution. We are always trying to improve our service to you, and welcome suggestions about new products that might be appropriate for the co-operative to stock.

Disabled Access

Unfortunately we are not able to fit a ramp given the structure of the entrance to the shop and the flats. However we offer free home delivery service to any disabled person in the area of Leamington and its surroundings. These deliveries are on Friday afternoon and we can take orders on the phone, please get in touch if you are interested in this service.


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